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Product Solutions

Our Product Solutions

SULO offers an exhaustive range of aesthetic and innovative waste collection equipment that adapts to every need.


Digital Solutions

Our Digital Solutions

SULO is the driver of innovation in waste management. With SULO Solutions, we offer municipalities and waste management companies a sophisticated system that significantly simplifies and conveniently links all disposal logistics processes.


Service Solutions

Our Service Solutions

Our connected solutions enable us to optimise our services by organising cleaning and maintenance operations quickly and in a targeted manner and to draw up real-time operation reports.



Our Responsibility

Closed-loop environmental solutions are vital when it comes to caring responsibly for our environment.

Kickoff for a world without waste

Every year, more than two billion tons of waste are produced and thrown away. A significant proportion of this pollutes our landscapes and oceans. As part of the repositioning of the SULO brand, we have therefore clearly formulated our mission: We want to create solutions for today’s waste to be tomorrow’s resource. As pioneers of a sustainable circular economy, we want to work with our partners, customers and all environmentally conscious people around the world to collect, sort and recycle waste before it pollutes our environment.
Become part of the solution with SULO and shape a world worth living in for us and future generations.


We strive for sustainable circular waste management with virtually no environmental or climate impact. As one of the pioneers of the European waste management industry, we are using all of our experience and innovative capabilities to preserve and create a clean and liveable world for us and for future generations.

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