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Our  History 

Since 2018, the SULO brand has been synonymous with the combined heritage and expertise of the French and German waste disposal industries. This completed a process that began back in 2007 with the merger between SULO and Plastic Omnium. United by their common goal of protecting and conserving the environment for future generations, the French and German cultures of environmental and waste management have grown closer together over time.

United for a sustainable future worth living

Choosing SULO as a uniform brand name in 2018 emphatically underlined the company’s desire to be a pioneer in the modern circular economy. Today, SULO is a world-class partner to companies, communities, organisations and private individuals who actively want to help create a clean and liveable future.

The French branch of the family tree: Plastic Omnium

The company can trace its roots back to Union Mutuelle des Propriétaires Lyonnais in 1875. In 1946, Pierre Burelle founded the modern Plastic Omnium, an innovative plastic processing company that remains one of France’s foremost employers.

In 1972, the company produced its first two-wheeled waste bin at its production site in Langres. This was followed by the four-wheeled bin in 1980, and the digital networking of bins in 2003. In the same year, the company began its commitment to the UN Global Compact. The aim of this project is to help companies develop in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. By the time of the merger in 2007, the company’s specialist waste disposal subsidiary Plastic Omnium Environment had established an unparalleled range of services, particularly for French municipalities, and was by far France’s leading provider in this area, producing 2,000,000 bins each year.

Innovation is our common DNA

History shows that, for decades, Plastic Omnium Environment in France and SULO in Germany have been pursuing the same goal: to steadily revolutionise waste disposal with innovative solutions. Bringing this potential together to create a world-renowned brand that uses creativity and sound judgement to help develop the circular economy across all continents offers even greater promise.

The German branch of the family tree: SULO

When Friedrich Streuber founded SULO in the town of Herford in 1892, he had no idea that his successors would go down in history as the pioneers of modern waste disposal 80 years later. The patented comb bar enabled bins to be emptied mechanically for the first time, relieving the burden on refuse collectors like never before.

The introduction of the modern four-wheeled MGB in 1980 was a similarly groundbreaking moment. A decade later, SULO set new standards in its role as a waste disposal pioneer by introducing state-of-the-art identification and weighing technology.

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