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Mission.  Vision.  Values.

As an enlightened 21st-century company, we take responsibility for our environment and the people we work with – our customers, employees and partners. Both of these aspects – the ecological and the collaborative – form the inextricable core of the SULO vision and are the driving force behind our everyday work and passion.

A first-class partner for innovative sorting solutions

  • We want to offer our customers the most attractive range of products and services
  • We want to anticipate our customers’ needs and respond to them with groundbreaking innovations
  • We want to offer powerful presorting solutions so that our customers can achieve their recycling goals
  • We want to impress our customers with relevant, personalised service
  • We want to communicate clearly at all times and with all stakeholders

We have one universal objective:
to be pioneers for a clean and liveable world.

Our collaborative goal:
to be a first-class partner for innovative sorting solutions.

Our employees make the difference

Everything we do, we do for people. Everything we do is only as good as the people behind our products and services. That’s why our main concern is to create the ideal conditions for an active, performance-enhancing SULO culture. Appreciation and advancement are the twin poles of our value scale:

Care and responsibility

Taking responsibility means feeling personally responsible for employees, customers and the environment and respecting the agreed rules.

Innovation and customer focus

To meet our customers’ needs, we first need to identify them. Being able to make decisions independently and be open to improvements and new solutions is also essential.

Excellence and engagement

Having high standards means constantly striving for the best possible results and being personally committed to achieving them with expertise, experience and empathy.

Team and trust

A culture of trust is formed when the individuals within a team are transparent, cooperative and reliable at all times.

For a liveable world: CIRCULAR ECO®

We strive for sustainable circular waste management with virtually no environmental or climate impact. As one of the pioneers of the European waste management industry, we are using all of our experience and innovative capabilities to preserve and create a clean and liveable world for us and for future generations.

Where we want to go – CIRCULAR ECO® objectives

  • Conserve natural resources, avoiding the use of fossil resources almost completely
  • Conserve natural resources, avoiding the use of fossil resources almost completely
  • Reduce CO2 footprint to almost zero
  • Completely avoid wastefulness and waste (particularly plastic)
  • 100 % recycling rate in closed reusable material cycle

How we are doing it – CIRCULAR ECO® measures

  • Composition of materials
    100% recycled material, at least 80 % post-consumer recycled material
  • Quantity of materials
    Savings made by ECO-design, optimised body, lightweight fully-certified SULO-quality bins
  • Production
    Maximum energy efficiency in accordance with ISO 50001
  • Production with 100 % green electricity
    Innovative, resource-saving processes such as multi-sequential gating
  • Transport
    Stackability and reduced weight of MGBs means lower fuel consumption and use of space
  • Digital delivery route and container management
    Optimised routes, fewer empty runs

Minimising our CO2 footprint – CIRCULAR ECO® effects

People have a growing need for effective environmental and climate protection. As a result, the systematic reduction of our CO2 footprint is becoming an increasingly important topic for every company and community.

Liveable, clean, smart – The world of tomorrow begins here and now

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