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Get to know  SULO 

As an enlightened 21st-century company, we take responsibility for our environment and the people we work with – our customers, employees and partners. Both of these aspects – the ecological and the collaborative – form the inextricable core of the SULO vision and are the driving force behind our everyday work and passion.

Mission. Vision. Values.

The needs of the customer are at the centre of what we do. This basic principle has not changed since the beginnings of the well-established SULO brand in 1892. On the contrary, as a mainly European company with a global outlook, we now shape the development of the waste management sector in the 21st century. With combined strengths, a comprehensive product and service range and, above all, with enthusiasm for innovative ideas, we combine state-of-the-art sustainability with cost-effectiveness in the interests of environmentally conscious local authorities, companies and citizens. SULO – your world-class partner for a cleaner and more efficient future. Measure us bythese standards!

Living our  values 

One Goal. One Team.

SULO worldwide

SULO is a global brand. In several countries, the word SULO is synonymous with waste bins. This worldwide recognition and the fact that we are an internationally-focused company with French and German roots means that thinking and acting on a global scale comes naturally to us.

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