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 Sustainable  development

Closed-loop environmental solutions are vital when it comes to caring responsibly for our environment. Our vision is to reduce the use of fossil fuels to a minimum. To achieve this, we consistently rely on innovative production processes, efficient product geometry and recyclable materials. The success of SULO’s Circular Eco sustainability process is reflected in endorsements such as the Blue Angel ecolabel in Germany and the AFAQ certification for exemplary circular economy in France.

Championing a clean and liveable world

Consistently saving resources

Reducing raw material consumption starts with using as little material as possible during the production process. Our optimised bin geometry is groundbreaking in this area. The multisequential injection increases production efficiency while simultaneously guaranteeing the high-quality products for which SULO is renowned.

Consistently recycling

As a matter of principle, all of the components we use are fully recyclable, thus meeting the requirements of the closed recyclable material cycle. With a broad range of products exclusively manufactured from HDPE originating from discarded waste bins, SULO is a leading pioneer of environmental sustainability. The production of RAL-certified MGBs made from post-consumer recycled materials goes one step further, earning SULO the Blue Angel ecolabel. More than 80% of the plastic in these bins is processed from recycled consumer products such as packaging and bottles.

Consistently minimising our CO2 footprint

Even improvements that seem to have little impact on the environment at first glance can make a big difference overall. Optimised stackability, for example, saves 30% space when it comes to transport and storage and has a measurably positive effect on our environmental footprint.

The closed recyclable material cycle:

Here you can find the objectives, measures, milestones and effects of the circular economy implemented by SULO under its Circular Eco® trademark, which we use to actively press ahead with our environmental and climate protection objectives such as minimising our CO2 footprint.

First AFAQ-certified French company

SULO is the first French company to be presented with the AFAQ Economie Circulaire ecolabel. The assessment is carried out in accordance with the XP X30-901 standard, which evaluates companies’ potential to manufacture products within a sustainable circular economy. SULO received this certification for two Circular Eco projects at the Langres production site:

  • 100% recyclable bins made exclusively from recycled materials
  • Integration of at least 60% post-consumer recycled materials (bottles, lids, etc.) when manufacturing high-strength plastics (HDPE)

The Blue Angel – a good sign for the environment

SULO has held the coveted Blue Angel ecolabel for many years for producing MGBs from 80% recycled plastic, underlining our status as a pioneer of sustainability and innovative material quality. The Blue Angel is the world’s most recognised environmental label and is awarded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment based on the most stringent criteria. The prerequisite for plastics processing companies is the independent EuCertPlast certifi cation in accordance with EU regulations. In addition to the material composition of products, operating standards such as staff qualifications, quality management and environmental protection are also reviewed on an annual basis.

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