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 Quality  and Certification

Long-term company development using sustainable innovation policies

Continuous development for SULO means educating ourselves both as people and experts, carrying out targeted research, and being open to new technological possibilities and the changing needs of society. From optimised bins to digital evaluation and coordination, our full-service product and service portfolio includes all building blocks for developing tailored concepts, intelligent solutions, saving costs and achieving environmental targets for local authorities, companies and citizens, not just in Europe, but around the world.

We ensure our quality leadership through a strict quality management system that extends far beyond the the required standards:

This reference is based on a voluntary approach which allows:

  • Certified according to EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1
  • Certified management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

Focusing on the safety of goods and people

SULO is a responsible company which puts safety at the forefront of its priorities. Since 2001, specialised teams supervise the safety of all production sites and ensure the implementation of health and safety management in the workplace. The aim? Developing the risk management culture, reducing the number of accidents, and complying with legislation – even going further if we deem it necessary – while continually improving performance.

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