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Cleaning service for  litter bins 
ambassadors of cleanliness

SULO’s high-quality litter bins are the ambassadors of cleanliness in every city. It is therefore all the more important that they are in as clean, empty and undamaged a condition as possible, al-ways and everywhere. Since the number of litter bins is often in the thousands per city, installation, maintenance and servicing is a real challenge for the intelligent process planning of a municipality.

SULO not only supplies you with a variety of perfectly designed bins that motivate citizens to separate and dispose of waste, we also offer you a complete logistics and service programme for economical and trouble-free operation with the experience of Europe’s leading waste management specialist.

In order to make planning around installation, maintenance and servicing even more effective, cer-tain litter bins can be equipped with a chip. Using the latest RFID transponder technology from SULO, the litter bins can be reliably located and the necessary steps can be planned efficiently and in a resource-saving manner. In order to leave a positive impression, regular cleaning by our trained teams is part of our offer, if required also for specific occasions.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Clean litter bins are a business card for your city
  • All services around installation, maintenance, cleaning, disposal from one source
  • Full transparency and cost control
  • Longer lifespans thanks to proper servicing and maintenance
  • The reliability and operational safety of the leading waste disposal company
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